[Squeakfoundation]Squeak Foundation update

Cees de Groot squeakfoundation@lists.cdegroot.com
Sat, 05 May 2001 21:27:15 +0200

Hi all Squeakers,

Here's another update on the state of affairs of the Squeak Foundation. Since 
the last update, we:
- Grabbed the .org and .com. Several services were already operating under 
squeakfoundation.org, I just setup name service and a redirect for 
http://www.squeakfoundation.org to the Swiki so people don't have to remember 
long URLs (if it's not working right away, that's due to nameserver refreshes 
and stuff - have patience).
- Agreed to agree on a purpose and move on. I updated the Purpose Swiki page 
and also put some content on the Principles page. It would be great if more 
people could join the club, because setting up the Principles bit will 
probably involve quite some work.


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