[Squeakfoundation]Nudge, nudge!

Jörn Eyrich squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Fri, 11 May 2001 13:20:05 +0200

"Raab, Andreas" wrote:
> * Make another announcement to the Squeak mailing list, explicitly inviting
> people to join this mailing list for discussing SqF issues (maybe this could
> come from Dan to give it more visibility)

put it also in the updates so that everybody who fetches the new
updates gets
a message box with the announcement

> * Explicitly invite some people (like Dave Thomas; any others?!) who have

I think he already posted on the foundation list; he is not listed in
subscriber's list, however - maybe he is the one "private member"?

> * Post regular (weekly/monthly) progress reports to the Squeak mailing list
> Do we have any voluntears (ouch! the Disney background :-) for summarizing
> the current state of discussions?!

Good idea. Cees has already started with a status update last week.
Cees, can you do that weekly?