[Squeakfoundation]Foundation Principles

Cees de Groot squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Sun, 13 May 2001 22:01:35 +0200

johneb47@optushome.com.au said:
>  I have plagiarised the statement fof principles from the GEODATA
> link. I
>  personally feel that they have would fulfill our needs better than
> the NAMA
>  principles.

Thanks for the work. Did you put it on the Swiki? (retorical question, I just 
checked. It'd be nice if you could put it on, so we could use it as a starting 
point for collaborative editing).

I'm not to sure though about item I ff. Apart from the absence of a definition 
of "Squeak design", some attempts at fitting in a definition really didn't 
bring up anything that clicked with me. This whole part feels "foreign" to me 
(save from some useful single items).

Furthermore, but I may be standing alone in this, I still think that regarding 
Squeak as an ecosystem rather than a bit of intellectual property is the right 
way to approach this subject. Am I alone in this?

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