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I just saw that on the jabber developers list and thought it might be an
interesting read.


Jabber DevZone wrote:
> Foundation Meeting Summary
> The following was posted by stpeter@jabber.org via the Jabber DevZone web site (http://dev.jabber.org/):
> Meeting Summary
> The main points discussed in the meeting were as follows:
> The Jabber Foundation will be similar to the Apache Foundation, except
> that membership in the Jabber Foundation will be more open (Apache is
> invitation-only).
> Membership in the Jabber Foundation will be free. You will not have to
> pay any money to be a member. However, membership will be based on
> merit: members will be people who are actively contributing to the
> Jabber community (by writing software, creating documentation, running
> Jabber servers, participating on the mailing lists, etc.), not just
> people who have expressed an interest in the technology. New members
> must be accepted by the existing membership of the Foundation. How
> exactly this will work at the beginning (i.e., right now there are no
> members) is yet to be determined. We will probably accept just about
> any active participant in the Jabber community at first. An
> application page for this purpose will be made available in the new
> few days.
> In addition to regular Members, the Foundation will also solicit the
> involvement of Sponsors, which will be corporations that make a
> monetary contribution to support the operations of the Foundation.
> Sponsors will *not* receive special consideration with regard to
> technical discussions that occur within the Foundation, although they
> may receive promotional opportunities for marketing purposes and
> such.
> The Foundation will be led by a Board of Directors, which will
> initially consist of Jeremie Miller, Michael Bauer (VP of Open
> Alliances at Jabber.com), and three additional board members who are
> currently being recruited. The Board will not make technical decisions
> for Jabber, but will manage external relationships and set up the
> structure by which Members of the Foundation (probably in the form of
> Jabber Interest Groups) will make technical decisions.
> No more than 15% of the membership may come from any one
> organization.
> The point of the Foundation (above and beyond the existing jabber.org)
> is primarily to open up decision-making with regard to the technical
> direction of the Jabber protocol and community, and secondarily to
> enable jabber.org to have an independent source of funding (through
> sponsorships) so it can provide infrastructure (e.g., dedicated test
> machines) that will benefit the Jabber community as a whole.
> Discussion Log
> To read a transcript of the discussion, visit
> http://perl.jabber.org/logs/conference.jabber.org/foundation/2001-05-09.html.
> Next Meeting
> The next scheduled meeting for discussion related to the Jabber
> Foundation will be held in the foundation@conference.jabber.org room
> this Wednesday, the 9th of May, at 18:00 UTC/GMT (the same time of day
> as the last meeting). If meeting at this time of day is a problem for
> you, please inform Peter Saint-Andre (email/JID: stpeter@jabber.org),
> since we are open to meeting at different times of day in order to
> accommodate the maximum number of interested participants.
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