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Tue, 22 May 2001 16:53:58 -0700

For some reason my web browser doesn't fetch the whole text when
attempting to edit the principles, so I'll offer my version here.
Comments in [].

Each and every part of the Squeak Foundation shall:

      * Be open to all individuals and institutions that fully subscribe to
      the purpose and principals. [OK]

      * Have the right to organise in any manner, at any scale, in any area,
      and around any issue or  activity, which is relevant to and consistent
      with the purpose and principles.  [OK]

      * Vest authority in and make decisions at the most local level that
      includes all relevant and affected parties. [How to decide this?]

      * Surrender only such autonomy and resources as are essential to the
      pursuit of the purpose and principles.  [ditto]

      * Have an equitable opportunity and responsibility to participate in
      discussions and deliberations.

      * Deliberate and make decisions by methods and bodies that represent a
      full diversity of views and interests and are not controlled by any
      single view or interest.

      * Deliberate and make decisions using current and objective knowledge
      and information  derived from scientific methods and practical
      experience. [Hard to see what relevance this has to Squeak -
      obviously it is sensible for an ecology movement. I suppose it might be
      sensible if rephrased something like:-
      Deliberate and make decisions based on the best engineering
      practise and experience] 

      * Have an equitable obligation to provide knowledge and information that
      is relevant and essential to the realization of the purpose and
      principles and that is collected in a way that has minimal impact on
      confidentiality and competitive position. [Err, I think that might
      possibly retain relevance if we postulate commercial members being
      involved and being expected to provide this knowledge. What is 'this
      knowledge'? Would commercial members be expected to provide
      information on their implementation details? Given that Squeak is open
      source, how could that be?]

     * Maintain the highest standards of credibility and ethical conduct,
      fair and accurate  dissemination of information and full disclosure and
      accountability for its affairs.


      * Be a vehicle for those of diverse communities, professions,
      experience, knowledge,  viewpoints, power and resources to join together
      with others in pursuit of the purpose.

      * Encourage adaptability, diversity, flexibility, learning and
      innovation in all governance  processes and practices.

      * Encourage Squeak uses and practices that ensure its long-term
      productivity and diversity.

      * Accept responsibility for the stewardship of Squeak to ensure that
      succeeding generations  will have an equal or better opportunity to
      benefit from its resources.

      * Recognise that Squeak is a public resource and that access to this
      resource is a privelege,  not a right. [ Seems a bit irrelevant to
      me. I think access to open source stuff _is_ a right!]

      * Engage in mutual learning to deepen respect and trust in one another
      and to improve our  understanding and appreciation of Squeak.

      * Resolve conflict constructively and co-operatively without resorting
      to social, ecological or  physical violence.  [ What, we're
      anticipating genetic warfare as a response to the next dickwit
      that demands that Squeak _must_ be changed to be just like visual
      basic? Hmm, maybe that's actually a _good_ idea] 

      * Protect Squeak uses or interests consistent with the purpose and
      principles from being substantially sacrificed to, or eliminated by,
      any other uses or interests.


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