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Wed, 23 May 2001 15:55:45 -0700

Hm, Tim has this way of saying exactly what I would of said, had I been
born a clear and succinct thinker ... I've slight disagreement on 'best
tactics' with Dan, but not enough to mention right now.  I can't really
speak to the question of the comms channels btw SqC/SqF/StSq; but I know
enough of the principles and principals involved to believe firmly that
collaboration, rather than competition, is everyone's shared mindset.

Like Tim, I'm also able to contribute some time now; I am also, however,
working on a couple other projects on the side.

One observation, though.  As the legend has it, the StSq notion was born
of three minds bumping simultaneously (over what drink, I wonder?) in
Italy:  Dave Thomas, Ralph Johnson, John Sarkela.  Sounds like Dave and
John are firmly in the loop, but I bet Ralph'd have all sorts of good
ideas.  Camp Smalltalk has, all in all, been a very successful and
measurably productive effort.  Whomever decides to grab the baton and
lead the parade might give him a shout too.  Just my opinion, and I
think I'll stop saying that ...


Tim Rowledge wrote:
> Dan Ingalls <Dan.Ingalls@disney.com> is widely believed to have written:
> [snip lots]
> I agree entirely. As said before, I'll happily serve any way I can and
> for now that allows a lot of time due to lack of job. I'd suggest that
> Dave Thomas (since he got the whole SqF thing  rolling) and Dan (cos we
> all trust him) talk and create an interim setup. An imperfect
> organisation that is working to get better is better than an empty
> 'under construction' sign. If I could I'd offer money, but I can't so I
> won't.
> tim
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