[Squeakfoundation]The Natives are Restless

Simon Michael squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
23 May 2001 16:24:30 -0700

Hello all,

having caught up with the list archive, here is a rough gaggle of
comments from me:

Rough consensus that the SqF can evolve through multiple iterations
frees us from the need to be perfect.

We need to continue to accomplish concrete, immediately-useful things
in the very short term to sustain and build energy.

Money will be important but there is a lot being accomplished here
without any money changing hands, without corporate memberships,
etc. I think at this moment it's likely to be a distraction.  Don't
take on too much for iteration 1. (All sympathies to Tim etc.
envisioning plush suites for el presidente..)

In the last month or so a domain has been registered, a list & wiki
set up and there has been superb discussion from many parties. Enough
material and consensus has been gathered to take the next step - the
Squeak Foundation (iteration 1).

We the members of this list *are* the squeak foundation and for
iteration 1 we can just decide who does what. For now, at least the
following have my full mandate and my thanks:

Dan Ingalls as SqF project leader, SqC liaison and chief spokesman
Dan Shafer as documentation leader
Cees de Groot as web/wiki/listmaster (& chief chaordic educator)
Dave Thomas as something - did I hear him volunteering ? 
someone from stable squeak (john sarkela ?)

Ordinarily DI's role above might appear to be too much concentration
of power but at the moment I think it's just right.

I applaud the lifting of ideas and practices from other worthy
organizations which have done much legwork and testing, and as usual I
commend Debian as a prime source.

As has been noted, pink and blue planes go hand in hand. They are the
two legs on which squeak can walk forward.

For what it's worth! Regards,