[Squeakfoundation]The Natives are Restless

Paul Fernhout squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Wed, 23 May 2001 23:41:50 -0400

Dan Ingalls wrote:
> Instead, why not
>         Declare that SqF exists,

=== purpose ===

I won't stand in the way of forging ahead on the basis you outlined, but
I suggest that since Cees is traveling we should at least wait for his
input as well. 

I think a lot of progress has been made by just having a statement of

I'm not sure this is the very latest, but from the Wiki:
: To assist in the evolution of Squeak into its ultimate expression 
: as an exquisite personal and collaborative
: computing environment that is open, well supported, 
: and freely available across the great majority of
: modern platforms and operating systems.

That is certainly a good start and perhaps it is enough to govern a
small amount of funding (as a sort of iterative prototyping ideal). 

At a minimum, I would suggest that if SqF is declared to exist, it be
declared to exist for that purpose. And by default, I feel it should
also be declared to exist with the latest version of the principles
discussed here (in the thread by John Briggs). Or, at a bare minimum it
should at least just go with the generic principles at: 

=== leadership ===

I would also suggest that (no offense intended) we not expect SqueakC
members to be in charge of SqueakF. This is in part because SqueakC has
lots of other things to do, and in part because what's the point of just
having a second SqueakC with the same exact strengths and weaknesses?
(Liason or advisory roles is a different story, as would also be the
situation for ex-SqueakC people.)

As an alternative, I could live with Tim Rowledge as "dictator for

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