[Squeakfoundation]Initial project - Squeak core

Raab, Andreas squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Mon, 28 May 2001 00:17:26 -0700


[btw, it's a shame that I have to copy umlauts to get them right ;-]

> There is one that was setup for the VM I think. I believe=20
> Stefan Rudlof did that a while ago and there was some heated
> discussion about it involving Andreas Raab and Ian Piumarta
> I believe - can't remember the issues though - but it sort
> of didn't catch on since Andreas and Ian did not
> really "support" it. (My memory may not server me right...)

No, you're quite right (although one could argue that the project =
catch on because the people involved didn't support it either - at =
least not
in the long-term sense that is necessary). There were two issues that =
never really solved:

#1: Who has write access to what area? [Ian's main point]
#2: How do non-Unix people use it? [My main point]

Mind you, #2 really means how to use it daily. It's not done by saying
"there is mumble-CVS". I know. Contrary to many other people I have =

  - Andreas