[Squeakfoundation]New list and Swiki from SqF, guys?

Göran Hultgren squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Tue, 29 May 2001 00:09:08 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all!

--- Cees de Groot <cg@cdegroot.com> wrote:
> gohu@rocketmail.com said:
> > Why not just merge this mailinglist with the (nonexistant) "Stable
> > Squeak mailinglist"?
> [and other indicators that there's synergy in the air...]
> Yeah, why not?
> http://lists.squeakfoundation.org/listinfo/stablesqueak

Ok, there it is guys!

There was some arguments about this list before but I think that stemmed from the misunderstanding
that we where going to merge with the SqF list. So... if everybody is ok with it then you just
send me an email that you have "jumped" over to that list and I will remove you from the alias. If
there is anything coming in at the alias I will forward that to the list.

I will wait with joining the list myself until I hear that StSq is ok with utilizing the list
instead of our alias - guys?
> (even though I don't like the name "StableSqueak" - it suggests too much that 
> everything not labelled StableSqueak is of Microsoft quality. But I'll 
> probably subscribe to the StSq list and fight you guys on that over there ;-)).

Yeah, the name issue is something that... well, it will just have to wait! :-) StSq is as a
project name at least rather "burnt in" now.
> Wanna have a Swiki with it? http://swiki.squeakfoundation.org/stablesqueak

We already have two of those actually! :-) But hey, our newly creted public one hasn't been used
yet so perhaps we should take this offer - it does have a better url. And SqF will probably see to
that links are made to it from www.squeak.org/www.squeakfoundation.org etc., right Cees?

Again I bounce it over to the rest of StSq, should we take the offer guys?

> So, SqF is alive and kicking and just adopted it's first project?

Well, let me just raise a tiny flag here and be very, VERY frank - and I am only venting my OWN
thoughts here - others in StSq may disagree. <Asbest suit on>

We in StSq aim for a very concrete goal - a solid Squeak. Pragmatism is our name and delivering is
our goal. (he, cool sentence there...) John Sarkela is our current "tour guide" and he has the
final say on StSq just like Linus has on the Linux kernel. It is a kind of "dictatorship is good
as long as you trust the dictator to be able to make the best decisions". And we do that in StSq
much in the same way as SqC trusts Dan.

My initial impression of SqF is admittedly mixed - there are some good stuff being done - for
example your own crusade to build an infrastructure with lists/swikis etc. and the goal of SqF is
good (even though I personally (no pun intended) object to the word "personal" in the
declaration... :-). And I think SqF is needed and SqC is approaching it in a good way I think.

But there has also been... well, IMVHO a lot of fruitless discussion in SqF. In the OpenSource
world action and source talks. I want to see SqF as a strong group of people being concrete and
pragmatic bringing some "neutral ground" to the community. I do not want to see it become a
philosophy discussion club. Harsh words, I know, but that is what I feel!

So... as long as SqF realize that StSq is all about making Squeak better and that technical skill
will do the talking (as always in an OpenSource project) we gladly "join" the SqF effort as a
project under its "blessing". But StSq will make its own decisions based on the people involved in
working with it.

<Asbest suit off>

So... (phew) having said that - my proposal is that people in SqF interested in StSq joins the
newly created list... that we haven't really accepted yet of course... Darn! :-) Anyway, if and
when we accept the list and jump over there, THEN we can take it from there. ;-)

> Regards,
> Cees

regards, Göran

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