[Squeakfoundation]Ad-hoc final harvesting for 3.4

Doug Way squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Sun, 8 Dec 2002 00:22:22 -0500

There are about 30 submissions since OOPSLA that I think are worth=20
briefly reviewing on this list.  These are pretty much all of the=20
submissions which aren't either large enhancements or standalone=20
packages, and which aren't already incorporated into 3.4beta.

I've put together a list culled from=20
http://swiki.gsug.org:8080/sqfixes , and I've made a rough cut at some=20=

of them.  I split them up into three categories:

1. Ones that I think could probably go in 3.4, unless there are=20
2. Ones that I think could probably wait until 3.5alpha for=20
consideration. (again, unless there are objections :-) )
3. Ones that I leave the rest of you to decide.  If one of you (who is=20=

not the original author) has analyzed one of these and says that you=20
think it should go in, it could probably go in.  The rest of them, if=20
they don't get any favorable mention from anyone here, can wait 'til=20

I've added my own comments after most of these.

If there are any important submissions that I left out of this message=20=

that you want to bring up (such as ones submitted before OOPSLA), now is=20=

the time to do that, too.

(And yes, hopefully we will have a better harvesting tool in place for=20=

3.5alpha, so we don't need to do this by hand like this in the future.)

1. Ones that I think could probably go in 3.4:

[ENH] Add lines to hierarchy views (5 December 2002) * sps2000@mail.com=20=

(5 December 2002)
[ENH] LinesInHierWIcon-nk (5 December 2002) * Ned Konz (5 December 2002)
[ENH] HierListsWithIcon-nk (4 December 2002) * Ned Konz (4 December =
- A few of us agreed that we'd like to see these go in.  Perhaps the=20
only question is whether they're reasonably safe for 3.4beta.  I think=20=

that they probably are, but more opinions are welcome.  (Although I do=20=

notice that scrolling large lists in the object explorer (e.g. the=20
Smalltalk dictionary) is a bit slower now with the lines drawn, as Ned=20=

mentioned.  And, in certain cases, the dreaded "gribbleys" show up,=20
although they're hard to notice because the lines are faint to begin=20
with.  These problems aren't too serious and may be easy to fix.  Or=20
maybe we could just add the Icon stuff for now.  Or just put it all off=20=

until 3.5alpha. :-) )

[FIX][VM] SLANG zapping warning messages fum does not return int, or=20
variable foo not used (29 November 2002) * John M McIntosh (29 November=20=

[FIX] (vmparameter, plugin fixes) (24 November 2002) * John M McIntosh=20=

(24 November 2002)
- These are fixes which John is making to the Mac VM, so I'm inclined to=20=

just include them.  Perhaps Tim (VM harvester) can comment.

[FIX] WeakKeyAssn-raok (29 November 2002) * ok@cs.otago.ac.nz (29=20
November 2002)
- Seems like a very straightforward fix to an obvious bug.

[FIX] Translation to iso-8859-1 encoding in Scamper (16 November 2002) *=20=

Boris Gaertner (16 November 2002)
- It sounds like this one has been tested pretty well.  With this fix,=20=

if I look at=20
in Scamper, G=F6ran's name now shows up correctly.

[FIX] UUID-Fix-CdG (19 November 2002) * cg@cdegroot.com (19 November=20
- Discussed in Goran's post.  It sounds like there is some agreement=20
that we should go with this simple fix for now, and fix Random sometime=20=

in the future, since that is much more involved.

[FIX] DNSerror-ls (3 November 2002) * Lex Spoon (3 November 2002)
- Discussed in Goran's post.  Ned mentioned that he'd rather see=20
httpGet* signaling Exceptions.  Is that a simple change to make now, or=20=

should we go with Lex's fix for now (to fix the hanging problem), and=20
add Exceptions later?

2. Ones that I think could probably wait until 3.5alpha for=20
consideration, or have already been fixed:

[ENH] Comma concatenation for Object (6 December 2002) * Brent Pinkney=20=

(6 December 2002)
- Seems like a significant (and possibly controversial) change for a=20
beta release.

TrueType based TextStyle (1 December 2002) * Yoshiki Ohshima (1 December=20=

- This latest version is very cool, but it's probably not finished=20
enough for 3.4...?  Definitely add to 3.5alpha, I'd say.

[GOODIE] Matrix-raok (28 November 2002) * ok@cs.otago.ac.nz (28 November=20=


[ENH] ANSI compatibility (24 November 2002) * Alain Fischer (24 November=20=

- Should probably wait until 3.5alpha, but it would be worth considering=20=

then (not necessarily all of it).

[BUG][FIX] [3.4a] FileList menu causes DNU on "more..." option (19=20
November 2002) * Brent Vukmer (19 November 2002)
- I don't see the bug as described, it may have been fixed already.

[BUG?][FIX?] - driveName existence on windows (8 November 2002) *=20
Magistrello Alejandro (SFA) (8 November 2002)
- I think this has been fixed by more recent changes.

3. Ones that I leave the rest of you to decide:

[FIX] sendersOfSplitName-asm (6 December 2002) * Magistrello Alejandro=20=

(SFA) (6 December 2002)

[ENH] Directories w/out subdirectories appear as such in FileList2 (5=20
December 2002) * sps2000@mail.com (5 December 2002)

[FIX][3.4] Enhanced-IRC with dynamic open menu (4 December 2002) * Brent=20=

Vukmer (4 December 2002)

[FIX] Celeste in MVC (4 December 2002) * Bruce ONeel (4 December 2002)

[ENH] Keyboad navigation for SimpleHierarchicalListMorph (28 November=20
2002) * Thierry Reignier (28 November 2002)
- Seems kind of useful.

[Fix][Enh]ShrinkingSelection(was: Re: Behavior of Shift+arrow) (24=20
November 2002) * Torge.Husfeldt (24 November 2002)
- This is very nice... hmm.  I tested this a bit, and it works.  I'd=20
even prefer to see this preference turned on by default.  The other=20
added preference (wordStyleCursorMovement) is a good idea, too (though=20=

it could be off by default).  Still, this involves a fair amount of=20
changes, and perhaps should wait until 3.5alpha for that reason.

[ENH] LargeInteger hash (24 November 2002) * Andres Valloud (24 November=20=


[GOODIE] WatchWindow-nk (24 November 2002) * Ned Konz (24 November 2002)
[GOODIE] MorphInspector-nk (24 November 2002) * Ned Konz (24 November=20
[ENH] BrowseModelClass-nk (24 November 2002) * Ned Konz (24 November=20
- These are some longstanding enhancements posted by Ned, probably in=20
response to my "call for submissions".  None of them look like=20
must-haves to me, although I kind of like the WatchWindow... that might=20=

be worth adding to the base release.  It adds "watch it" to the do-
it/print-it/inspect-it menu... is it worth its weight?

[FIX] MessageSetDragFix-nk (24 November 2002) * Ned Konz (24 November=20

[ENH] image previewer in world menu --> open... (23 November 2002) *=20
Brent Vukmer (23 November 2002)

[ENH] Set image as background from FileList (23 November 2002) * Brent=20=

Vukmer (23 November 2002)

[FIX] smtpLogin-fix (22 November 2002) * m rueger (22 November 2002)

[ENH] Browse source string in a category (20 November 2002) * Samir=20
Saidani (20 November 2002)

[ENH] system category cleanup in 3.4a (20 November 2002) * Anthony=20
Hannan (20 November 2002)
- Preamble claims this was requested by Scott Wallace. :-)

[BUG][FIX] BitEditor>>setColor: (18 November 2002) * Brian T Rice (18=20
November 2002)

[FIX][BUG]StandardSystemView, TextStyle (16 November 2002) * Webb=20
McDonald (16 November 2002)

[FIX][3.2][3.4a] ArchiveFixes2-nk (12 November 2002) * Ned Konz (12=20
November 2002)