[Squeakfoundation]Ad-hoc final harvesting for 3.4

goran.hultgren@bluefish.se squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Mon, 9 Dec 2002 11:31:48 +0100

I looked it over and agree with Doug on these. The UUID fix seems "good
enough" for now IMHO. The DNS fix likewise - Michael Rueger is rewriting
all of that anyway (I think?) so a quick fix seems good enough for the
moment. We aren't talking about "beatuiful code" here anyway... :-) And
a bigger rewrite wouldn't really be let into 3.4beta right now either.

So, Doug and Scott - this table at least has my full support! :-) Go,
Go! Santa is coming...

Remember guys, IMHO we have enough "juice" in 3.4 already - it's better
to make a timely, clean release and wait with the bells and whistles for
3.5 than botching it up, releasing something not fully tested and
missing our first own deadline. Right?

So let's get this thing out of the door, have a nice christmas, eat a
lot of pigfeet (yes, we do that in Sweden - not me personally though),
and roll up our sleeves for 3.5!

regards, Göran