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Mon, 9 Dec 2002 09:35:46 -0500

I completely agree, almost.  :)   What is the smallest feature set for the
base stripped image?  Is there a swiki page on this?

The multicast events are not a new feature but a refinement of an existing
feature that compliments the #update:/#changed: mechanism.   I can imagine
that we may want to include this in the base raw image along with
exceptions, #perform:, a file system, and the compiler.

SqueakMap won't work without networking, so this base image wont be
bootstrapable from the net.  I also start thinking about the MobVM when we
look at the smallest bootstrapable unit.

Here is what I see as the base image distro.
    - basic vm with file system support, perhaps MobVM enabled - deal with
dll locations, blah
    - basic image with enough juice to read a startup script
        - no gui, no network,
        - incl compiler, fs, evaluation, collections, metamodel, magnatude
    - base changesets and plugins to add the bare minimum for gui (MVC or
Morphic?), network, SqueakMap
    - optional local SqueakMap repository with a snapshot of base extension
packages (as differentiated from application packages)
    - optional local SqueakMap repository with the entire universe (and then
some) in it.  (for those of us without even a 1 Baud connection to the net

So I don't know the exact details of where we see this going, but its going
and that's what counts!  :)


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I agree with Göran on this issue.

Indeed, I'd take it a step further and say no new features period...ever
(for the base Squeak that is).  Stuff like a new events mechanism,
networking frameworks, etc...should all remain as external packages.  We
need to be working in that opposite direction and start having change
sets in the update stream jettison code, not add.

Now, what would be great is to have a base Squeak realease, plus a
number of "distributions" that contain a variety of packages that are
pre-loaded.  One of these could be the SqC distribution that is
downloadable from the squeak.org site (this would be the distro that
most people download first).

One of the things that could be done to help encourage progress in that
direction is to start thinking about automating image construction
(i.e., take the base image, add packages X, Y, and Z, then publish
somewhere).  Some tools to help with that would be nice.

- Stephen

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> Hi all!
> Without having looked at this, which mean that I could be
> making a fool of myself, I just want to say that we are at
> *beta* now. Not alpha. In my book that means bugfixes, not
> much else. Is this a bugfix?
> Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, but
> please - let us not swamp 3.4 just before trying to release
> it. Ok? I mean - when we release 3.4 we suddenly have
> 3.5alpha to happily screw up instead. :-)
> regards, Göran
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