[Squeakfoundation]Ad-hoc final harvesting for 3.4

Doug Way squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Mon, 09 Dec 2002 19:29:30 -0500

Ned Konz wrote:
> On Saturday 07 December 2002 09:22 pm, Doug Way wrote:
> > [FIX] DNSerror-ls (3 November 2002) * Lex Spoon (3 November 2002)
> > http://swiki.gsug.org:8080/sqfixes/2735.html
> > - Discussed in Goran's post.  Ned mentioned that he'd rather see
> > httpGet* signaling Exceptions.  Is that a simple change to make
> > now, or should we go with Lex's fix for now (to fix the hanging
> > problem), and add Exceptions later?
> I already have httpGet* signaling exceptions for all but DNS errors.
> This is in a fix that I believe is in SqueakMap.
> This fix touches the same methods, and should be merged with mine if
> we're going to use it.

Ok, I guess we need to decide on this one.  I would say that if you want to merge your changes with Lex's fix and submit that (assuming it still fixes the hanging problem and doesn't add much complexity), then we could try incorporating that.  Otherwise, we should just go with Lex's fix, and then clean it up further in 3.5alpha.

> > [FIX][3.2][3.4a] ArchiveFixes2-nk (12 November 2002) * Ned Konz (12
> > November 2002)
> > http://swiki.gsug.org:8080/sqfixes/2748.html
> As noted, this is also included in SARInstaller. Though I'm the
> author, I'm also the author of the original code it fixes. I
> personally think it should go in, as it helps cross-platform usage of
> zip files. But I do think that someone else should look at it.

I can take a look at this one.

- Doug