[Squeakfoundation]Ad-hoc final harvesting for 3.4

Daniel Vainsencher squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Tue, 10 Dec 2002 18:21:20 +0300

Brent Vukmer <bvukmer@blackboard.com> wrote:
> What's unstable about the world menu -> image previewer stuff? 

Hmm, imprecise statement on my part. These things are unstable in the
sense that we don't know enough about them, not always that they have
known flaws. 

In this specific case, I said this in a previous mail -
> [ENH] image previewer in world menu --> open... (23 November 2002) * 
> Brent Vukmer (23 November 2002)
> http://swiki.gsug.org:8080/sqfixes/2811.html
Does the job. Many changes for FileList2, can anyone comment on those?

It seems to conflict with the hierarchy navigation changes discussed -
when I first load the keyboard navigation, then this changeset, opening
the previewer caused an infinite regression, and image death, with this
stack dump -

1087678728 Object>canDiscardEdits
1087678636 [] in Object>canDiscardEdits
1087678544 SequenceableCollection>do:without:
1087678452 Object>canDiscardEdits
1087678360 Model>canDiscardEdits
1087678268 StringHolder>okToChange
1087678176 FileList2>directory:
1087678084 FileList2>setSelectedDirectoryTo:
1087677992 SimpleHierarchicalListMorph>setSelectedMorph:
1087667708 [] in IndentingListItemMorph>openPath:
1087667608 IndentingListItemMorph>withSiblingsDo:

> ( By the
> way, Stephan Wessels has updated the Pattern Loader stuff I cribbed
> from, for 3.4 ).
Not sure I understood this. Can you give me a pointer to the
> Also, what about the changeset I submitted for the services that Form
> registers with FileList?  
Oh, do I understand correctly that this and the prvious are enhancements
of Steve's goodies? in that case, I think it would be much better to
send them to steve, so he can update his packages. Goodies are defined
as things that don't belong in the image (though I'd be glad to load
them from SM and use them), so enhs to them also aren't.

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> So I'm amending my mail from before. I now think the following things,
> though desirable, should not go into 3.4, because they're not stable
> enough yet -
> * Thierry Reignier's keyboard control of HierLists.
> * Torge.Husfeldt's ShrinkingSelection
> * Andres Valloud's LargeIntegerHash
> * Steve's lines in HierLists.
> * Brent Vukmers previewer in world menu.
> We should just notify the authors so they can make them ready for early
> 3.5a.
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