[Squeakfoundation]Current summary of proposed 3.4b fixes

Doug Way squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Sat, 14 Dec 2002 00:15:29 -0500

After getting everyone's feedback on the previous thread, here's my=20
current summary of the fixes we should consider for 3.4.  This doesn't=20=

mean that all the other submissions will get completely dropped, of=20
course... a bunch of them will probably go into 3.5alpha.

Daniel suggested a schedule of pushing these (or whichever ones we agree=20=

on) out into the external stream by the 15th or so, and then going to=20
gamma on the ~22nd, and then final at the end of the year.  So, we're=20
keeping this list relatively small, and we should decide on these in the=20=

next couple of days.

- Doug

1. Recommend for 3.4beta:

[FIX] WeakKeyAssn-raok (29 November 2002) * ok@cs.otago.ac.nz (29=20
November 2002)
- Seems like a very straightforward fix to an obvious bug.

[FIX] Translation to iso-8859-1 encoding in Scamper (16 November 2002) *=20=

Boris Gaertner (16 November 2002)
- It sounds like this one has been tested pretty well.  With this fix,=20=

if I look at=20
in Scamper, G=F6ran's name now shows up correctly.  (Daniel commented on=20=

this being somewhat out of scope, perhaps because Scamper will be pushed=20=

out into a package soon.  But it's still in the image right now, so I'd=20=

say it's in scope, and it's a noticeable bug.)

[FIX] UUID-Fix-CdG (19 November 2002) * cg@cdegroot.com (19 November=20
- Discussed in Goran's post.  It sounds like there is some agreement=20
that we should go with this simple fix for now, and fix Random sometime=20=

in the future, since that is much more involved.  (Did anyone else=20
besides Cees have a chance to test this a bit?)

2. Probably recommend for 3.4beta, but could use some final feedback:

[FIX] DNSerror-ls (3 November 2002) * Lex Spoon (3 November 2002)
- Goran, were you able to test this?  (Ned said that Michael Rueger is=20=

already working on the httpGet:* problems for his reworking of this=20
stuff for 3.5, so we don't need to do more beyond this simple fix for=20
3.4 right now.)

[FIX][3.2][3.4a] ArchiveFixes2-nk (12 November 2002) * Ned Konz (12=20
November 2002)
[FIX] RelativeZipExtractFix-nk (13 December 2002) * ned@bike-nomad.com=20=

(13 December 2002)
- I've tested these and given feedback to Ned.  These changesets fix=20
some but not all problems with the Archive Viewer.  But they definitely=20=

fix certain problems, so I think they could probably go in.  We may not=20=

be able to fix all problems in time for 3.4, we'll see. (say, by the=20
15th or so.)

[FIX] WeakMessageSend2-nk-rw (8 December 2002) * Ned Konz (8 December=20
- Was there any agreement that this change is safe enough for 3.4?  It=20=

seems to fix a few problems with the current when:send:to: stuff.