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Randal L. Schwartz squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
18 Dec 2002 12:36:40 -0800

>>>>> "Ned" == Ned Konz <ned@bike-nomad.com> writes:

Ned> <sidelight>
Ned> Though not the subject of the main talk, I soon found myself answering 
Ned> questions about Squeak (and doing some promotion <g>). There were 
Ned> several people in the crowd who were interested.

Ned> After the meeting, we went to a pub for a beer or two. There I 
Ned> demonstrated Squeak to several interested people (note to self: get a 
Ned> good demo together to show to programmers).

Ned> I think that with the right kind of introduction and modular system we 
Ned> could convert a bunch of Perl programmers.
Ned> </sidelight>

Works for me. :)

I seem to have mentioned Squeak at least once at every Perl or Linux group
meeting I've attended.

My argument is "you don't know OO until you've used a pure OO language",
and when people ask me how to fulfill that, I suggest they find a good
Smalltalk or Eiffel or Ruby implementation.  "Smalltalk - that's long
dead, right?" and then I point them at Squeak.  Neat.

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