[Squeakfoundation]FreePAN: an opportunity to share repositories!

Daniel Vainsencher squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Sat, 21 Dec 2002 17:19:03 +0300

Sounds like a great idea to me.

I'm sure there are great ideas out there, and the cross polination with
other communities will surely leave us stronger.

Brian, I'd like to hear what you have in mind.


Ned Konz <ned@bike-nomad.com> wrote:
> Last night I attended (and spoke at) the Seattle Perl User's Group 
> meeting. Also in attendance were Brian Ingerson and Michael Schwern 
> of Portland.
> Before the meeting, I had a chance to talk with Brian Ingerson (more 
> below). He's working on an interesting and relevant project.
> <sidelight>
> Though not the subject of the main talk, I soon found myself answering 
> questions about Squeak (and doing some promotion <g>). There were 
> several people in the crowd who were interested.
> After the meeting, we went to a pub for a beer or two. There I 
> demonstrated Squeak to several interested people (note to self: get a 
> good demo together to show to programmers).
> I think that with the right kind of introduction and modular system we 
> could convert a bunch of Perl programmers.
> </sidelight>
> Anyway, one of the interesting ideas that came from this was from 
> Brian.
> He's working on an alternative to CPAN (the popular Perl 
> repository/mirror/registry system). I'll let him describe what he's 
> doing (I just sent him an invitation to join this list), but in 
> summary he's working on a repository/registry system with metadata. 
> Currently he's making it handle Perl and Ruby; there's some interest 
> in Python from Michael Schwern. Especially since we're also evolving 
> the SqueakMap system, it might be useful to talk with him about 
> joining SqueakMap with FreePAN in some way. This would provide a 
> single set of mirrored repositories covering all our languages, with 
> immediate exposure to the "scripting language" community.
> And it sounds like some of Göran's excellent work could be used with 
> FreePAN (or at least inform it).
> Anyway, I thought I'd open this up to discussion, as it's a timely and 
> relevant issue for both our communities.
> Ideas?
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> Ned Konz
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