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Sat, 11 May 2002 23:08:15 +0300

That's what many people want. The problem is that without modularity,
there's no way to make the pieces work independently. Remove Celeste,
and the TheWorldMenu does a walkback. StableSqueak and the Modularity
work in 3.3a both address the same problem.


Roger Vossler <rvossler@qwest.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> I downloaded SWTBase0_5.image and SWTDev0_5.image along with the 
> associated
> changes and source files from the SqF web site. I'm running this with 
> the Squeak3.2.7Beta3
> VM on a G4 PowerBook and OSX 10.1.3. Once I figured out how to use the 
> little bootstrap
> program, I was able to use the Script Manager and the Refactoring 
> Browser. Very nice.
> SqF has something called VMMaker for building VMs. After digging around 
> in the
> SqueakBase folder that came with the distribution, it dawned on me that 
> having a little
> program called ImageBuilder that could assemble a specific image, 
> oriented toward
> a specific application, problem domain, etc., from all of the stuff in 
> SqueakBase would
> be very nice to have, thus avoiding all of the problems associated with 
> namespaces,
> modularity, frameworks, and the like. Is this idea too simple? Have I 
> missed something?
> Cheers, Roger.....
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