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Gary Fisher gafisher at sprynet.com
Wed Apr 2 09:42:32 CEST 2003

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> . . . but they are willing to discuss other ways out of the
> 'not OSI/DFSG compatible' impasse.

Pardon my asking, but in what way is this an 'impasse' from the Squeak side?
The fact Debian can't include Squeak in their distributions limits Debian,
not Squeak (which is in fact regularly released in deb packages) while the
lack of OSI Certification is far from the biggest hurdle to wide adoption of
Squeak/Smalltalk.  Stripping Squeak just to get a nod from these outside
standards groups -- which appear themselves to have no particular, specific
interest in adding Squeak to their own lists -- seems a bit
self-destructive.  The current license is incredibly generous; why rock the

Gary Fisher

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