[Squeakfoundation]Re: Sublicensing seems possible

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Fri Apr 4 17:38:27 CEST 2003

On Friday, April 4, 2003, at 04:25  PM, Andreas Raab wrote:
>> Since they were modifying and extending the system they _had_
>> to release those changes under the SqueakL just like the rest
>> of us.
> Slight correction: Squeak-L is not viral. It does not require you to 
> release
> modifications under Squeak-L. All it requires is to make the code 
> "publicly
> available".

That could actually be a problem in some cases. Say developer X 
releases some system changes as required but insists on the GPL. They 
have been publically released but are effectively unusable within the 
main system. And I suppose that in a sense it would 'block' us from 
implementing the same thing unless one could prove it clean. Ugly. 
Perhaps we need to assert that 'publically available' is interpreted as 
'usable in the main public image'.

tim at sumeru.stanford.edu

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