[Squeakfoundation]3.4 release

Doug Way dway at riskmetrics.com
Tue Feb 4 00:27:54 CET 2003

As the new update stream guy (and, by association, the guy in charge of 
getting releases out the door), it's time to release Squeak 3.4!  
(Sorry for falling a few days behind on this.)

To help clarify the process for me and everyone else, I wanted to give 
a quick overview of the release timeline, to make sure I have the right 
idea.  Here are the steps:

1. Mark the image as 3.4 final, and upload a copy of the final image to 
the ftp site.  Immediately afterward, announce this to the squeak-dev 
2. Within a few days (?), have the 3.4 VMs uploaded to the ftp site.  
This should include a Windows VM, a Mac (Carbon) VM, and the sources 
(?) for the Unix VM, and possibly at least one pre-built Unix VM.  
(Which one(s)?  Probably Linux at least.)  Also, pre-packaged 
zip/stuffit files containing the VM/image/changes/sources files should 
be made available on the ftp site for Windows & Mac.
3. Shortly afterward, the http://squeak.org download page should be 
updated so that it points to the 3.4 files instead of 3.2.
4. After that, the release of Squeak 3.4 can be announced to the rest 
of the world.  (Slashdot, etc.  See the External Relations SqF wiki 

Does this sound about right?

The only questions I have are:
- Should we wait a few days between steps 1 and 2?  This would let 
people test the final image a bit just to make sure there wasn't some 
major problem, and maybe check out any final cosmetic tweaks.  Also, it 
would give the VM maintainers a few days to get their VMs ready.  But 
perhaps this isn't necessary... maybe we should make sure the VMs are 
ready before we declare 3.4 final.  (Certainly they should be almost 
ready anyway.)
- Which Unix VMs should be available immediately upon the release of 
3.4?  Sources?  A Linux VM?  Debian and/or RPMs?  Obviously we don't 
want to wait around for lots of lesser-known Unix variant VMs to be 
compiled.  (PDA's and other platforms' VMs can be made available later, 

I think I have a good idea of who is responsible for most of the above. 
  Scott/myself for step 1, Andreas/John/Ian for providing the VMs, Bruce 
(or myself) for updating the ftp site and squeak.org site, and Cees for 
announcing to the rest of the world.  (Do we still need someone to 
create Debian/RPMs if we want those?)

Anyway, we should probably move ahead with step 1 in the next couple of 
days, but before doing this, I'll check with the VM maintainers & 
others to make sure we can move ahead with the rest of the steps.  Also 
need to look at the image tweaks that Tim mentioned a few days ago.

- Doug

(btw, thanks to Alejandro Magistrello for filling out the "already 
incorporated" items on the swiki harvesting tables)

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