[Squeakfoundation]3.4 release

goran.hultgren at bluefish.se goran.hultgren at bluefish.se
Tue Feb 4 12:03:44 CET 2003

Hi Doug and all!

Doug Way <dway at riskmetrics.com> wrote:
> As the new update stream guy (and, by association, the guy in charge of 
> getting releases out the door), it's time to release Squeak 3.4!  
> (Sorry for falling a few days behind on this.)

Hey, no problem. It is great that you took this responsibility - I just
feel ashamed that I am not helping out right now... 

> To help clarify the process for me and everyone else, I wanted to give 
> a quick overview of the release timeline, to make sure I have the right 
> idea.  Here are the steps:
> 1. Mark the image as 3.4 final, and upload a copy of the final image to 
> the ftp site.  Immediately afterward, announce this to the squeak-dev 
> list.
> 2. Within a few days (?), have the 3.4 VMs uploaded to the ftp site.  
> This should include a Windows VM, a Mac (Carbon) VM, and the sources 
> (?) for the Unix VM, and possibly at least one pre-built Unix VM.  
> (Which one(s)?  Probably Linux at least.)  Also, pre-packaged 
> zip/stuffit files containing the VM/image/changes/sources files should 
> be made available on the ftp site for Windows & Mac.
> 3. Shortly afterward, the http://squeak.org download page should be 
> updated so that it points to the 3.4 files instead of 3.2.
> 4. After that, the release of Squeak 3.4 can be announced to the rest 
> of the world.  (Slashdot, etc.  See the External Relations SqF wiki 
> page.)
> Does this sound about right?

I think so.

> The only questions I have are:
> - Should we wait a few days between steps 1 and 2?  This would let 
> people test the final image a bit just to make sure there wasn't some 
> major problem, and maybe check out any final cosmetic tweaks.  Also, it 
> would give the VM maintainers a few days to get their VMs ready.  But 
> perhaps this isn't necessary... maybe we should make sure the VMs are 
> ready before we declare 3.4 final.  (Certainly they should be almost 
> ready anyway.)

Hmmm. The best would probably be to give the port maintainers a chance
to produce and verify new VMs. Otherwise we may end up with a port
needing some tweak to the image to work but the image was just marked
final... Ooops.

What do you say, port guys? (Tim, Ian, John, Andreas)

> - Which Unix VMs should be available immediately upon the release of 
> 3.4?  Sources?  A Linux VM?  Debian and/or RPMs?  Obviously we don't 

Personally I think a source release from Ian is enough, as long as Ian
has verified that the most popular *nix VM works. That would be Linux.

> want to wait around for lots of lesser-known Unix variant VMs to be 
> compiled.  (PDA's and other platforms' VMs can be made available later, 
> too.)


> I think I have a good idea of who is responsible for most of the above. 
>   Scott/myself for step 1, Andreas/John/Ian for providing the VMs, Bruce 
> (or myself) for updating the ftp site and squeak.org site, and Cees for 
> announcing to the rest of the world.  (Do we still need someone to 
> create Debian/RPMs if we want those?)

I think we could produce those informally after the release. I am not
sure who does it nowadays.

> Anyway, we should probably move ahead with step 1 in the next couple of 
> days, but before doing this, I'll check with the VM maintainers & 
> others to make sure we can move ahead with the rest of the steps.  Also 
> need to look at the image tweaks that Tim mentioned a few days ago.

> - Doug

regards, Göran

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