[Squeakfoundation]3.4 release

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Fri Feb 7 00:31:30 CET 2003


> Well I'm afraid this change set was forgotten when we were building  
> 3.4. Mostly I was looking for feedback from the Croquet folks if
> this actually works for them as intended.

Just to reconfirm: This change was the one which made the alpha values
appear correctly, right?! If so, we've actually solved this problem
differently in the meantime because the MPEG player wasn't the only place
where the alpha channel was killed - it turns out that this happens
regularly when you blt 16bpp -> 32 bpp and considering both overdraw issues
and the generally higher requirements in terms of computing power in Croquet
I decided that it's worthwhile to add an extra pass where it is needed (done
by BitBlt's new fixAlpha:with: rule). In other words, if it's expensive, it
is not necessary to keep it in the MPEG plugin for the sole sake of Croquet.
We could simply #ifdef it with an appropriate comment saying what this is
doing and what is needed if you want to use it.

  - Andreas

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