[Squeakfoundation]One more Welcome window addition

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Sat Feb 8 17:19:07 CET 2003

Doug Way <dway at riskmetrics.com> appears to have written:

> While waiting for the interim VMs to be built for 3.4,
The RiscOS vm package is already available at
http://sumeru.stanford.edu/tim/pooters/SqFiles/release/sq34-VM.zip and
could be grabbed for the uiuc ftp site anytime.

> Further Documentation
> The Squeak Swiki at Georgia Tech is currently the primary source of 
> online
> documentation and community information regarding Squeak.  It contains
> a FAQ, tutorials, and much more.  Visit it at
> http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/squeak.
Sounds good to me - it seems to load ok in Scamper although the
antialiasing on the logo bitmap seems awful on my Acorn.

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