[Squeakfoundation]3.4 release

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Tue Feb 18 15:18:21 CET 2003

In message <Pine.OSF.4.21.0302182352340.19098-100000 at tif.inria.fr>
          Ian Piumarta <ian.piumarta at inria.fr> wrote:

> On Tue, 18 Feb 2003, Tim Rowledge wrote:
> > OK, so do we have release VM's available for Doug to
> > grab/point-to/whatever?
> The moment Doug says "Go for throttle-up!" I'll rebuild all my packages as
> version "3.4-1".
Well, remember to double check your tiles and O-rings. I don't want to
lose any more acquaintances so soon.

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