Fw: [Squeakfoundation]Re: Taking control of parts of Squeak

goran.hultgren at bluefish.se goran.hultgren at bluefish.se
Mon Feb 24 14:17:41 CET 2003

Hi all!

Ok, most of us seem to agree that the offer from SCG/Berne to "steward"
the kernel (we need of course to define what parts they really want to
take responsibility for) is a good offer. If anyone still has a strong
opinion against this then I would like to hear the arguments.

And besides - if people have a strong opinion against the principal at
work here (and not only against the particular package/proposed
maintainer) - namely that we need to partition the Squeak core into
packages that people actively take responsibility for (call it what you
like) - then we have a genuine problem because this is the route that we
have been discussing for quite some time to take.

So... unless there are many more "strongly against" :-) then I would
like us to work out some form of "rules" for these core package
maintainers. This is essentially what Roel was describing.

1. Work out a draft of a ruleset for "core package maintainers". Let's
keep it small and simple. Roel could perhap spost a draft to start from
(please think in general and not only for the kernel stuff etc.).

2. Define core packages. In this case we simply start with the packages
that SCG are interested in. Can you (SCG) define them? "Compiler" would
be one of course etc.

3. Let SCG write down some form of charter or near plan or something. I
think we are all interested in who will do what and what the immediate
plan is.

Well, this is a delicate discussion. But it is an extremely important
one to have and the community - we - really need to pull this off.
Remember that SqC was a really talented group working full time. Now we
have a dispersed loose group with a little group called the Guides that
are *not* working full time.

In order for this to work we simple *must* partition core Squeak and let
the most suited people for each part take the responsibility for it.
There is no other way we can make this work.

And remember that it is already working for lots of stuff that could in
fact be considered "core" today(DVS, SAR, all the VMs, Connectors, etc

regards, Göran

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