[Squeakfoundation]Taking control of parts of Squeak

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Mon Feb 24 21:10:39 CET 2003


> However, I don't know that we need to have a big rules discussion. 

True. But I think some general outline of what is expected from someone who
wants to "take over" a portion of kernel Squeak is good. It simply means
that there's a common understanding within the community of what is expected
from a "kernel package maintainer". This can only help as we are moving
towards a more decentralized model of development.

  - Andreas

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> > So... unless there are many more "strongly against" :-) then I would
> > like us to work out some form of "rules" for these core package
> > maintainers. This is essentially what Roel was describing.
> I'm all for entrusting the Berne fellows with maintainership of the 
> Squeak kernel. They're the perfect candidates, actually, since they 
> have an itch to scratch.
> However, I don't know that we need to have a big rules discussion. 
> There seems to be a certain level of comfort in the community 
> with the 
> idea, and as long as the development of the kernel happens out in the 
> open, it'll become clear rather quickly what works, what doesn't and 
> what's problematic.
> We're a small enough community that we don't have to be overly 
> concerned with rules, so much as establishing conventions for 
> distributed maintainership of Squeak. In fact, I bet that no matter 
> what we decide by talking about it in the abstract, what we end up 
> actually doing will be different, and probably better.
> So my suggestion would be, just do it. And my question for they Berne 
> fellows would be, "what needs doing?"
> Colin Putney
> Whistler.com
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