[Squeakfoundation]Collecting tests?

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Fri Feb 28 17:39:52 CET 2003

> Goran, how about adding a "Tests" category to SqueakMap?  
> Marcus, you could be the Steward of that whole category.  
> That would be A Very Good Thing.

<gut feeling>
Automate. Make it simple for people to write tests, to use them. Add a
[TEST] prefix to the "list of known prefixes", filter it (perhaps right with
the SQFIXES), bundle them, update them regularly and send out [ANN] to
Squeak-Dev. Add a place to Squeak where it's _really_ easy to write a single
test without having to make a class first - for example, SqueakTests could
just be a set of unassorted tests people can write if they're in the mood
to. Tests live from their shere number - you've got to make it Really Simple
(tm) to provide one. Encourage newbies to write tests in order to learn the
system - if you "think this should happen then write a test to see if it
does". Once it gets green post it as [TEST]. Tell people that "this is the
easiest way to get your code into Squeak". Any test will be accepted no
matter how small, no matter how large. Keep it simple, fast, easy to do and
easy to "earn points" in the community.
</gut feeling>

  - Andreas

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