[Squeakfoundation]fixes before 3.4gamma

Doug Way squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Fri, 03 Jan 2003 13:18:47 -0500

Robert Withers wrote:
> > 6. VMMakerNicerFor3.4-nk (16 December 2002)
> > - VMMaker-only fix, won't hurt anyone else.  (Oops, wait a minute,
> > this changeset seems to open VMMaker as a side-effect of executing
> > "VMMaker initialize" in the postscript?  We don't want that!  Help,
> > Ned. :) )
> >
> > 7. TestRunnerInWorldMenu-nk (16 December 2002)
> > - I also agree this should be in the open... menu.  It does the safe
> > menu-registering thing.
> how would you all feel about putting vm maker in the open menu, as well?

Actually, the VMMakerNicerFor3.4 changeset already adds it to the open menu (via the safe menu registration), so I hope that answers your question. :-)

At first I thought VMMaker was a somewhat obscure tool to add to the open menu, but now I think it's a good idea to have there.  For newbies, it will drive home the point that Squeak lets you build your own VMs relatively easily.  "I can't do that in Java!"

- Doug