[Squeakfoundation][UPDATES] Final 3.4beta updates on internal servers

Scott Wallace squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Tue, 07 Jan 2003 18:38:40 -0800

Dear Guides,

Getting very near the end now...

I've posted the following updates to the internal 3.4b update servers 
today.  These consist of the items specified by Doug last week, plus 
two fixes (5158 & 5167) for bugs that recently arose when condensing 
changes as part of a trial build for 3.4/final and when working with 
update-server directories in a registering file list.

When the last of these updates is loaded, the user is given the 
option of advancing his image either to 3.4-gamma or to 3.5-alpha.

Doug suggests that this "last" batch of 3.4 updates should have only 
the briefest of pauses on the internal servers before getting 
externalized, and I agree; so unless objections are heard, I 
anticipate externalizing these updates on Thursday, 9 January.

In the same time frame, hopefully, a "fresh" (as opposed to 
"evolved") 3.4-gamma image, with updated sample-project content and 
with standard cleanups performed (e.g. changes compressed) will be 


    -- Scott


5157acornDirFixes2-tpr -- tim@sumeru.stanford.edu -- 21 December 2002
Make sure at least one sensible directory appears in 
directoryContentsFor:. Only affects Acorn machines"

5158clsCommentFixes-sw -- Scott Wallace, Alejandro Magistrello -- 4 
January 2003
When condensing changes, preserve not only class comments but also 
their authoring stamps, for the benefit (e.g) of the 
class-comment-versions browser.
Also, fixes the bug that caused an error when you tried to browse the 
recent log after a condense changes but before a manual snapshot.
Also, restores the ability to file in class comments created in 
VisualWorks using the #classComment: protocol.
Note that 'prior' pointers that point back both for methods and for 
class comments are lost when a condenseChanges is done.  This should 
be fixed someday.

5159makeSeedFix-dew -- Doug Way -- 6 January 2003
Remove the dependency of UUIDGenerator >> makeSeed on the presence of 
a TimeStamp class by calling Time totalSeconds rather than TimeStamp 
current asSeconds

5160morePluginTerm-JMM -- johnmci@smalltalkconsulting.com -- 9 August 2002
when we run as a browser plugin we need to know when to terminate the 
interp main loop. This is done by checking a flag and invoking 
plugInTimeToReturn which becomes a C macro to issue the return. This 
was done at on a long unconditional jump, or execution of a new 
method. However in the case were Squeak is idle, and only the idle 
processes is running, then the termination code will not run. 
Therefore I made an additional call in internalExecuteNewMethod to do 
the check after invoking a primitive. This cleaned up cases of hung 
Squeak plugins under os-x"

5161ProjectArchiveFixes-nk -- Ned Konz -- 20 December 2002
My recent changes to fileName in ArchiveMember broke project loading 
in non-Unix systems.
This reverts fileName so that it returns the raw Zip name, and adds 
localFileName for use when you need a name that's compatible with the 
local file system.

5162testRunnerInMenu-nk -- Ned Konz -- 16 December 2002
This adds the TestRunner to the World menu

5163UUIDGEnBugFix-tpr -- tim@sumeru.stanford.edu -- 20 December 2002
Update 5150 tried to fix UUIDGEnerator's use of random seeding but 
used the wrong way of coping with the lack of /dev/urandom (which 
only appears to exist on a few unix platforms). Instead of 
#ifCurtailed:  this patch uses [] on: FileStreamException do:[] which 
will trap any file related problem such as the file not existing or 
being unreadable. Maybe it will be good enough to help for now.

5164VMMakerNicer-nk -- Ned Konz -- 16 December 2002
VMMaker had a nasty habit of scrolling its plugin lists back to 0 
upon selection.
This fixes that problem.
Also, it adds an open item for VMMakerTool in the WorldMenu.


5166weakMsgSendFixes-nk -- Ned Konz, Rob Withers -- 30 December 2002
CS 5005u16-Events introduced a call to a method 
isReceiverOrAnyArgumentGarbage in Object>>actionSequence that was 
only understood (much later, after CS 5155WeakMessageSend2-nk-rw) by 
WeakMessageSends and WeakActionSequences.
Unfortunately, if you had an ActionSequence or a MessageSend around 
in an action map, this would break, as they don't understand 
I removed this call from the methods in Object so that any action 
maps that can answer asMinimalRepresentation will work.
This includes:
ActionSequence, WeakActionSequence, MessageSend (added), and WeakMessageSend.

5167serverDirFix-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 7 January 2003
Fixes error seen when changing sort order in a file list for a server 
directory that had no file selected

5168advanceVersion-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 7 January 2003
This is the last update for version 3.4beta.  In its postscript is an 
executable statement that will set the version forward either to 
3.4gamma or to 3.5alpha, at user option.