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Cees de Groot squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
8 Jan 2003 08:22:07 +0100

Doug Way <dway@riskmetrics.com> said:
>I suppose what we're talking about here is not just a "harvesting" process, but a process for figuring out what goes into Squeak, including larger contributions from the Guides, SqC, etc.  I guess we could still use the term "harvesting" to cover all base-Squeak development?  And we also have to consider package-level harvesting as the image gets split up into packages.
'Harvesting' implies 'adding'. As far as I'm concerned, it should be a
'stripping' process for the time to come, and then an 'updating/bugfixing'
process. So even if the infrastructure stays the same, maybe it should be
renamed post-3.5 to something which implies less bloat-orientation ;-).

OBTW: I'm going to try to port Squeak to Posix (command line, that is). I'll 
probably fail due to lack of time, but in the light of the whole modular
Squeak discussion it does act as a sort of minimum Squeak reference point -
just the VM and a minimal RTL. How small should the smallest module be? This
small? (which would make a 'core Squeak' distribution already a collection of
modules - 'kernel Squeak' plus user interface, primitives for
sound/multimedia, etcetera). Not really relevant to the current discussion
(except maybe for the infrastructure needed), it just popped up :)

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