[Squeakfoundation][ENH][3.4] Enhanced IRC client

Robert Withers rwithers12 at attbi.com
Sat Jan 18 16:07:07 CET 2003

all, I realize it is *very* late in the game, but the standard IRC 
client is lacking.  The enhanced irc client, from Steve Wessels I 
believe, is proven as a file-in.   I think it would really help new 
users access the #squeak channel in style, so that we can bring them up 
to speed faster.  A recent newbie, by the nick of oxblood, came on and 
saw the light with examples of numeric auto-coercion and gained a fast 
exposure to the browser features.

Please consider a fast track exception on including this, since it goes 
directly to helping the beginners that these releases are ultimately 

One change should be to include irc.freenode.net:6667 as the default 
irc server in the Profile, with perhaps an initial pop-up (Profile 
Dialog) when the irc client is started.  The profile could have a 
checkbox to auto-logon, whenever the client is started.


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