[Squeakfoundation]re: Outstanding 3.4 bugs?

Daniel Vainsencher danielv at netvision.net.il
Mon Mar 3 02:17:04 CET 2003

What I'm getting at here is that we have some fixes backlogged, which it
would be nice to get out into a release faster than the usual. I mean
mostly the one that has project saving broken, and a few more.

Also, it would be good, IMO, to exercise the process a bit more. Doug
just did it the first time, maybe doing it again would let us know what
takes time about it, what can be streamlined, what can be automated. 

It doesn't mean we have to commit to a 1 month release, and it doesn't
mean that very many things have to go in. Since few things will change,
there's less of a need for general exercising of the image, it's more
important to make sure that the fixes get reviewed and tested properly.
Which is also something we should improve, in order to speed up

I agree that stating "To get into 3.5, it has to posted, reviewed and
tested by 2 independent Squeakers that know whereof they speak, before
week n" will probably help. The remaining alpha time can be used to deal
with the integration.

I don't know how much time it'll take, let's just try to keep it light
and quick.


Tim Rowledge <tim at sumeru.stanford.edu> wrote:
> Daniel Vainsencher <danielv at netvision.net.il> wrote:
> > Suggestion - make 3.5 a very short release, consisting mainly of getting
> > as many fixes in as we can, and giving them a proper testing. It's an
> > opportunity for us Guides to warm up at doing the whole process
> > ourselves. I'm talking about a time scale of 1 month total - 2 weeks
> > alpha, 1 week beta, 1 week gamma, release.
> I find it just about impossible to imagine getting stuff done that
> quickly given the geographic and chronologic spread of people involved.
> It'll take more than two weeks before any decent number of people heve
> even downloaded 3.4, let alone done anything much to find and fix any
> bugs.
> For topics to cover
>  + relating to the vm, how about incorporating any removal of vm/slang
>  code that we can manage - JMM & I have been trying to get a decent
>  release of codegen stuff together and can probably produce a removal
>  update and re-install package.
>  + in the image, how about the remove-b3d etc changes?
>  + how about declaring that only fixes released by a certain date will
>  be considered and that after that only comment improvements will be
>  accepted ?
> tim
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