[Squeakfoundation]UI editor?

goran.hultgren at bluefish.se goran.hultgren at bluefish.se
Tue Mar 4 09:03:27 CET 2003

Hi Timothy!

(eh, this is the wrong list for this question, I CCed it over to
squeak-dev - please continue there (=don't forget to remove
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Timothy <treaves at silverfields.com> wrote:
> 	Is there any UI editor in the works?  I look at Squeak every so often,
> but I still see no way of creating user interfaces that do not require a
> inordinate amount of work.  Morphic may be fine for animating bunnies, but
> what about writing a user interface?

There have actually been mutliple attempts over the years. I think you
should find references to most of them by searching the Squeak Swiki.

I clearly remember at least one from Michael Rueger. (right?)

Since Morphic does have quite a lot of this functionality in itself
(through direct manipulation in halo) the waters are murky. Personally I
like coding UIs. Others like tools that generate code, but I have never
seen such a beasy in Squeak. Most tools in this regard that I have seen
in Squeak generate some form of specification, lately often in XML
(StableSqueak did and Michael demoed some cool "save any morph as XML"
thingy at an OOPSLA).

And then of course we have the long dream of not having to generate
anything - the composition itself is the end result (like in Morphic). A
cool dream but... well, here there be dragons.

regards, Göran

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