[Squeakfoundation]3.5 release timing (was Re: Outstanding 3.4 bugs?)

Daniel Vainsencher danielv at netvision.net.il
Thu Mar 6 05:06:45 CET 2003

[about one quick fixes release]

Doug said:
> That does make some sense.  A "very good" release might be a good start 
> before getting down to splitting up the image and other work, as 
> opposed to a more average release.  A reference release of sorts.  And 
> good PR, I suppose.
> It would delay the "getting down to splitting up the image" by at least 
> a month, though. 
People are posting "Remove <whatever>" packages, though slowly. I think
I can help people to speed up and focus this process independent of the
release schedule, as long as the fixes made do not break refactorings by
including too many things. So as long as the fixes release is focused on
the important stuff, I see no conflict.

When we start 3.6, we'll have a few more removals ready to go.

> And I'm not sure it's *really* that important.  So 
> I'm still on the fence, awaiting a few more opinions.
Yup, I'd like to hear more too, but keeping in mind that -

> But we do need to decide on the 3.5 release timing very soon...

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