[Squeakfoundation]3.5 release timing (was Re: Outstanding 3.4 bugs?)

Doug Way dway at riskmetrics.com
Sun Mar 9 01:05:31 CET 2003

On Saturday, March 8, 2003, at 02:08 AM, Daniel Vainsencher wrote:

> Doug,
> You're the Harvest Master, your word is law ;-)

I suppose I should have some say in this since I'm doing the 
release-related gruntwork. ;-)  I think both Goran & I suggested at one 
point that you could be "in charge" of the release content discussions, 
so perhaps I could be "in charge" of the release timing decisions.  Of 
course, the two are intertwined, but I think it's a reasonable 
distribution of responsibility.   And of course, being "in charge" of a 
decision mostly means that one has to hold discussions on the mailing 
lists and figure out what the community really wants.

> I'll go with whatever you think is best (and I thought of sending this
> before you agreed with me, honest! :-). I propose you announce a 
> capsule
> decision on squeak-dev when you think the month should start.

Okay.  I'm thinking the month will probably start in 2-3 days, and I 
can announce it on squeak-dev.  I want to take this time to see how the 
harvesting process shapes up on the gsug/sqfixes site (seems to be 
going pretty well so far), and get a few more things nailed down with 

So, unless there are major objections, we will go with the 1-month 
bugfix plan for 3.5.  3.6 can be the first "normal" release cycle... we 
can discuss possible content for that over the next month.  (Tim has 
already brought up some of the content issues on squeak-dev.)

> I agree with everything you said. About Accufonts, I think it depends 
> on
> what Cees/Andrew can tell us about any discussions with Apple. It might
> be worth doing it regardless just to make sure we don't in any way
> delay/obstruct any advancement of the license front.
> I would really love to know that Andrew and Cees are talking, and we're
> getting Andrew's best (non-official) advice about how to go about this.

Yes, we will have to resolve this somehow.  If it doesn't get resolved 
in the very short term, it will probably have to wait 'til 3.6 (which 
is not very far away anyway).

- Doug Way

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