[Squeakfoundation]re: 3.5 release timing

Doug Way dway at riskmetrics.com
Tue Mar 11 12:59:21 CET 2003

Ned Konz wrote:
> On Friday 16 January 1970 03:50 am, Doug Way wrote:
> > > Are we going to ignore those other changes that were done for the
> > > Squeakland plugin and were posted here? Presumably they've been
> > > tested already and are appropriate.
> >
> > Hrm.  Well, my default answer would be:  We should not include them
> > in 3.5.  We should try to stick to the plan of only including the
> > high-severity bugfixes (as judged by the community) in this
> > extra-short release cycle.
> Never mind. They're already in the updates as CS 5122SqlandFixes-mir

Ah, oops.  Well, that makes the decision a bit easier. ;-)

(I briefly browsed changes on the first couple of these changesets, and there
are some differences with what's in 3.4, but most of the rest are incorporated
as-is.  The differences must have been some further refinements for the
regular image versus the croquet image.)

- Doug Way

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