[Squeakfoundation]re: Shrinking alpha image

Craig Latta craig.latta at netjam.org
Thu Mar 20 15:31:01 CET 2003

Hi Daniel--

> Let me explain how little is too much - when we posted 3.5a, and
> released it with two fixes that people asked for, that was probably too
> much. Yes, I know I was one of the people for it, but consider this
> consequence - 3.5 is in beta, soon in gamma. Have we heard one voice on
> any squeak list saying "gee guys this actually works"? not that I
> noticed.
> It's already in. The advocates for it have "won". If there's a screw up
> (for example, it clashses with another recent change), we'll find it
> when we're into 3.6. If we don't actually test releases, there's no
> point in having release cycles at all...

	Whoever does the testing...

-	You can't call it alpha until you know what changes you plan to have.
-	You can't call it beta until all those changes are represented.
-	You can't call it gamma until all those changes have been tested.

	I think adhering to that would help a lot. Of course, to be verifiable,
it would require rather more documentation than we do now. I think it'd
be worthwhile, though (and not terribly onerous if each change's
implementor took responsibility for testing and documenting that they'd
done so).


Craig Latta
craig at netjam.org

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