[Squeakfoundation] re: Decision time: Are SCG the steward ofthekernel as proposed?

goran.hultgren at bluefish.se goran.hultgren at bluefish.se
Fri Mar 21 08:59:21 CET 2003

Craig Latta <craig.latta at netjam.org> wrote:
> 	Daniel writes:
> > To add another reason againt a vote on this (not that I care very
> > strongly): I didn't see a need for it because I think we can send the
> > right message without providing an official moment of decision -
> > after all, people do take their risks whatever we might decide, even
> > officially.
> > 
> > If SCG fubars it, we won't merge their stuff. If they bring us good
> > patches (the much more likely outcome), we'll merge them whether they
> > have any "officially decided" status or not. Just remember this -
> > once we've made decisions on a topic, we'll always be making
> > decisions on that topic (paraphrasing Frank Herbert, in one of the
> > Dune books). IMHO, giving advice is worth doing permanently, giving
> > official badges isn't.
> 	I agree with this, and it's why I abstained. (By the way, Göran, when
> one abstains, it's called an "abstention".)

Not to start another fruitless discussion (but that is probably exactly
what I am doing), but I thought the idea of having someone as a Steward
for a piece of Squeak was that the Steward had the "final saying" on
that piece. You know, delegated responsibility. Otherwise the point of
having Stewards seems a bit... moot.

That is also why the "trust" part is important. Of course, we could say
NO, but that would probably essentially mean that we lost that Steward.
And hopefully before that the arguments pro and con had time to boil
down to something good. But having us say NO should be a very, very
uncommon thing.

It still feels like the Steward should take the decisions - I mean, why
should people otherwise be interested in being Stewards if it still
means that everything needs to be crosschecked with us? The idea is to
*distribute* the responsibilities but if no power of decisions comes
with those responsibilities then the incentive of becoming a Steward is
lost. IMHO.

Well, perhaps I have missed something here.

regards, Göran

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