[Squeakfoundation]Handling fixes/enhancements (was Re: Possible extra text for Welcome

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Mon Mar 24 12:10:44 CET 2003

I've just been trying to review the process for harvesting and reveiwing
fixes. It all seems a bit confused right now. There's the sqfixes
page(s)on  and various pages pointed to
from there but much is out of date. For a start I can hardly bundle up
stuff I've reviewed and email it to SqC anymore can I?

Perhaps I've missed stuff whilst I had my head down trying to update the
VMMaker codebase? Given some fix or enh or whatever that I've reveiwed
and would like to promote, what is the current best process?

Tim Rowledge, tim at sumeru.stanford.edu, http://sumeru.stanford.edu/tim
Don't sweat petty things....or pet sweaty things.

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