[Squeakfoundation]Re: Sublicensing seems possible

goran.hultgren at bluefish.se goran.hultgren at bluefish.se
Thu Mar 27 21:41:27 CET 2003

Hi guys!

(This response is crossposted to the SqF-list in order to move this
thread over there,
so in responses - ****skip squeak-dev****, ok?)

First of all - I agree wholeheartedly with what Daniel's postings.
Daniel wrote (short snippet):
> It seems to me sublicensing with:
> - current indemnification -> such a clause, 
> - export -> complying with law, and 
> - no mention nor inclusion of non-free fonts 
> *could* present something that DFSG, OSI, and certainly I would be happy
> with. Just as happy as with BSD. If we agree that's a desired result,
> and legally workable, we should then present it to Debian (and maybe
> Apple).

Yes, sounds perfect to me. Andrew was hesitant about sublicensing though
- I would like to hear more on that. And I would still like to hear an
explanation on sublicensing as a concept.

Having said that, I am still waiting for responses (both from Andrew and
you others of course) to my other questions, but I will just have to
wait a bit longer I assume. :-)

Cees de Groot <cg at cdegroot.com> wrote:
> [We should be moving this thread to SqF, as this whole issue is killing
> the squeak-dev list...].

True. Done.

> The Apple guy responded positively to the idea of sublicensing. I've

Ok, now again - what IS sublicensing? Consider me a complete idiot here.

> asked him for permission to share our email exchange with others, which
> I assume I'll get later today. He indicated that for Apple to look
> positively at the sublicensing thing we'd need to come up with something
> that only deviates minimally from SqueakL, just enough to fix it up for
> DFSG/OSI/... wherever we want to head.=20
> So, can we decide as a community that this is OK, a cleaned-up SqueakL?
> If yes, it is probably time for some legal guys to take over :-)

Sure, I would really like to see Andrew picking up this ball if he is ok
with it.
Andrew? We would still of course need to build a complete concensus
about the proposed actions - but I think we are getting there - these
threads have moved us quite a bit forward I think.

This should probably be done on the SqF-list and then, when we have
agreed on something we can present it on squeak-dev and see the

regards, Göran

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