[Squeakfoundation]re: Sublicensing seems possible

Craig Latta craig.latta at netjam.org
Thu Mar 27 13:27:33 CET 2003

Hi Göran--

> ...what IS sublicensing?

	Sublicensing is applying, *to a derived work*, a new license which
satisfies the constraints of original work's license (and any licenses
to which the original work's license is subject).

	Two things to note:

-	Simply relicensing the original unmodified work is only an option if
you're the copyright holder.
-	If one is not the original copyright holder, I would suggest, in
addition to satisfying the constraints of the original license,
including notices that portions of the derived work are subject to
copyright, and that they are made available under license. For example,
"Portions copyright 1981-1996 Apple Computer, distributed under
license." We could of course make resources available separately for
tracking down relevant licenses. My main motivation for this would not
be for any legal concern per se, but to make recipients' legal research
a little easier. :)

	I think a good license would also encourage the recipient to obtain
legal advice.


Craig Latta
craig at netjam.org

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