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Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Thu Mar 27 16:17:02 CET 2003

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> 6. Export Law Assurances. You may not use or otherwise export or
>    reexport the Apple Software except as authorized by United States law
>    and the laws of the jurisdiction in which the Apple Software was
>    obtained.
> Doesn`t this alone makes it non-free? I think we have discussed it
> several times what it means when licenses explicite referes to some
> laws which "isn`t DFSG-free". I think that it makes the license
> non-free, but I don`t remember what we have agreed on.
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To the best of my understanding this is implicit no matter what you put
in your license. Federal law stands whether you mention it or not. If
the existence of this condition makes something non-free then there's a
lot of software that is non-free; for example rather a lot of Gnu code
that was written in the US.
http://www.eff.org/CAF/law/software-export-law has lots of stuff that
seems related including specific mention of software with encryption
capabilities; Squeak may well count (DESPlugin, MD5Plugin etc).

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