[Squeakfoundation][BUG] Re: [ANN] 3.6gamma candidate image available

Bruce ONeel edoneel at sdf.lonestar.org
Fri Sep 26 16:14:41 CEST 2003


Thanks!   There is still a bug with Celeste and MVC.

Open a MVC project
Celeste openOn: 'EMAIL'. and do it
Send a new message
Try to send another new message.

When you try to send the next new message you get and

Attempte to evaulate a block that is already being evaluated.

What seems to happen is that the Button turnOn method 
is never returned to when you run the onAction for the new 

You can send one more new message after closing and reopening
Celeste.  Maybe this shoudl be mandated for spammers? ;-)




Doug Way <dway at riskmetrics.com> wrote:
> The 3.6gamma candidate image is now available on the ftp site.  See:
> ftp://st.cs.uiuc.edu/Smalltalk/Squeak/3.6gamma/Squeak3.6gamma1-full.zip
> Please give it a try!
> Well actually, there are two candidate images, the other one is the 
> "basic" image in the same directory.  However, the Full one will be the 
> primary 3.6 release, so it's more important that that gets tested.
> There is some new content in the Welcome window describing the 
> difference between the Full and Basic releases.  Also, I put together a 
> swiki page describing these different configurations:
> http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/squeak/3412
> The planned release date for 3.6 final is October 3rd, if there aren't 
> any major problems with the gamma image.
> - Doug
> p.s. If anyone's curious, these are the steps I went through to create 
> the basic & full images:
> Creating 3.6gamma candidate Basic image:
> -------------------------------------------
> - start with the Squeak3.6g-5420.image/changes on the squeak ftp site 
> (5421
> doesn't have the right Welcome window content)
> - save under new name, (e.g. Squeak3.6g.temp.image)
> - load updates
> - modify Welcome window header to read "Squeak 3.6gamma (Basic)"
> - modify Welcome window near the top to discuss Full vs. Basic image
> - modify Welcome window near bottom to say "Further Documentation - The
> Swiki". Also change SqueakMap section to read "over 300 packages".
> - save Welcome window text
> - copy Welcome window to ReadMe.txt window, then copy that to
> ReadMe.txt file.
> - run cleanup script (posted to the squeak list a few days ago)
> - save image as "Squeak3.6gamma1-basic.image"
> - put the image, changes, and ReadMe.txt file in a zip file and upload
> to the uiuc ftp site
> Creating 3.6gamma candidate Full image:
> -----------------------------------------
> - start with 3.6gamma candidate Basic image created above
> - open SM Package Loader. (this will initialize various SM things, but
> that's okay for the Full image)
> - install "Upgrade to 3.6 Full" package
> - unset author initials by executing "Utilities setAuthorInitials: '' "
> (vmmaker package sets them for some reason)
> - download "Worlds Of Squeak" package, unzip Games and SqueakIn3D
> project files
> - enter Worlds of Squeak project
> - open filelist and load Games and SqueakIn3D projects
> - with project windows, bring up halo on inner project & drag out
> - open halo on systemwindow & close it, but don't delete project when
> prompted
> - move project morphs to appropriate locations
> - go back to parent project and close Package Loader window
> - modify Welcome window header to read "Squeak 3.6gamma (Full)"
> - save image as "Squeak3.6-full.image".
> - put the image, changes, and ReadMe.txt file in a zip file and upload
> to the uiuc ftp site

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