[Squeakfoundation] strange behavior in the layout with WrapDirection attribute

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire2006 at laposte.net
Thu Dec 14 11:19:01 UTC 2006

I have found the following example to not work as expected.
The problem seems to come from the wrapDirection.

In this exemple if you resize the morph, the layout is refresh correctly.

I badly need it to work as expected

submorph := Morph new color: Color red;
	layoutPolicy: TableLayout new;
	listDirection: #leftToRight;
	cellInset: 10;
	vResizing: #shrinkWrap;
	hResizing: #spaceFill;
	wrapDirection: #topToBottom.
10 timesRepeat: [submorph addMorph: Morph new].
(Morph new color: Color yellow; extent: 300 at 500;
	layoutPolicy: TableLayout new;
	listDirection: #topToBottom;
	layoutInset: 10; cellInset: 10;
	addMorphBack: submorph;
	addMorphBack: (Morph new color: Color orange;
		vResizing: #spaceFill;
		hResizing: #spaceFill)) openInWorld

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