Simply Seeking Syllabus for 5th-8th Grade Squeaking

Mark A. Schwenk mas at
Thu Apr 19 09:26:10 PDT 2001

I talked to the director of the public library in Glen Ellyn, IL about 
using their computer lab to host some Squeaking sessions. After I explained 
a bit about Squeak, the director suggested that I develop an outline for a 
Squeak course to be offered this summer at the library for 5th-8th graders.

Can anyone suggest suitable lessons and activities in Squeak for such a course?

It appears there are 6 PCs in the lab. Do others think I should I aim for 6 
or 12 students per session? I was wondering if anyone has experience with 
solo vs. pair programming at this level.

I appreciate your insights!

-Mark Schwenk
  WellThot Inc.

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