Simply Seeking Syllabus for 5th-8th Grade Squeaking

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Sat Apr 21 01:41:06 PDT 2001


    In thinking about the concepts that I needed to  present my children 
with, prior to teaching them a new idea or concept in Squeak, I think about 
my math standards.  In the case of the car scenario, I used what they had 
learned about mean, mode, median and range, and how I could incorporate this 
concept into what I wanted them to create in Squeak.  I needed them to 
understand the concept of random and random numbers and what a "variable" 
was.  This is some pretty sofisticated stuff and Squeak gave the children a 
means to use some abstract concepts in a meaningful way.. I would be happy to 
send you the lessons that I used with the kids if you want.  Of course they 
are only the Squeak lessons.  The math concepts were simply part of my math 

B.J. Conn 

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