Where are the rules for this list?

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Mon Apr 30 07:10:32 PDT 2001

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<< Is this the list for _absolute_ beginners at squeaking? >>

Well, I've just made my first error reply to this list. Arrgghh!

I naively thought I was replying to the Squeak Mailing List. What I said 
previously applies to that list.

Squeakland.org is new, and as far as I  know, has not been formally 
announced. So what its function, community, and future is may have to play 
out for a while.

I can say this much: at the current time, the Squeakland mailing list has not 
generated much traffic. 

Those who are interested in Squeak, and how one develops material using 
Squeak, particularly those having a programming background and/or 
orientation, would probably benefit from some exposure to the primary Squeak 
communication resources (Squeak.org as a starting point, along with the 
Squeak Mailing List which contains the day to day conversation of Squeak 
explorers and researchers, and the Squeak Swiki (minnow.cc.gatech.edu/Squeak) 
which contains a more distilled and organized compilation of Squeak 

I would be interested in seeing posting to this Mailing List by the 
originators of Squeakland.org, as to what their opinions are on submissions 
to the mailing list, and also pointers on Squeak development approaches 
considered appropriate for beginners.

Good luck,


Jerry L. Archibald

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