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Mon Dec 17 09:24:03 PST 2001

I can offer you the cheap way out.  I don't know how to tile square 
root, but if you go into textual mode (click on the script name in 
the script box, and choose to see it textually), you can get square 
root.  The square root message is "sqrt" and it goes AFTER the value 
that you want to get the square root of.  4 sqrt will return 2.0


>My son has just learnt about Pythagoras at School.
>Is there a way to do square roots in the E-Toy environment?
>What is the "Official Way"  to discover the distance between two points in
>the E-Toy environment?
>TNX 10^6
>Sincerely etc.,
>Christopher Sawtell.

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